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Sourcing all things medical

Using MedFind, healthcare providers can order medical products from the industry’s biggest and most-trusted names safely and efficiently via our secure B2B platform. For manufacturers, MedFind provides an unrivalled opportunity to sell their products to new customers in previously untapped markets worldwide.

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Simplifying healthcare

MedGroup offers clients the benefit of more than 30 years’ experience in the global healthcare sector. From streamlining healthcare operations to developing sophisticated product marketing strategies, our professional consultants will help your healthcare business reach its maximum potential.

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Lease the latest equipment

With healthcare technology evolving at a rapid rate, service providers are increasingly turning to leasing solutions to maintain a competitive edge. MedLease offers access to a range of cutting-edge medical equipment from the world’s leading brands at ultra-competitive prices.

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Get paid instantly

MedPay, our encrypted e-commerce service, provides a highly secure platform for payment transactions between suppliers and healthcare providers. For clients, it guarantees swift dispatch of their orders, while for suppliers, it facilitates instant payments (our MedPay Seal), improving cashflows and driving operational efficiencies.

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Business Solutions in Healthcare

Learn more about how MedGroup helps simplify the process of sourcing and delivering healthcare products and services to clients around the world.

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