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Cut costs and make business instantly

Benefit from our database of over 1000 hospitals and healthcare providers. No need to setup an office or entering negotiation with distributors. Tap and test the market without a huge investment. Benefit from our comprehensive reporting system, that gives you insight in your product ranking, number of clicks etc..

Frequently asked questions...

As a supplier, what is the benefit signing up with you?

With Medfind you can unlock a wider market than your current one. Be constantly exposed to a larger audience and generate business with unknown clients. Furthermore, if you choose to work together with one of our financial partners, you can be assured that you will be paid immediately after delivering your products/equipment.

Can I be assured that we will receive our payment, even though we have never dealt with the client before?

In order to use our service, hospitals and clinics must register themselves with every information, that you as a supplier would require anyways, to do business. The clients have granted their permission that uploaded documents, i.e. Trade license copy, financial records (if applicable) etc. Can be viewed by 3rd parties.

When will I receive the payment?

Since Medfind has partnered with several banks, you will be receiving your payment within 4-5 days after delivery and acceptance of the goods in good order (confirmed by the client) No payment terms of 30-60-90 days since we know how important Cashflow is, that is our promise.